Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Shut up dressage!!! I just need a facial! GOOOSH!

 Oh gads today I got some photos sent to me of my riding in great gloriously rolled detail. Somebody's been eating well this holiday and her name rhymes with Mrs. Off breed.

I bake cookies like everyday right now like some kind of crazy cookie monster who doesn’t have to ever ever fit inside of her jeans again? Let alone her brand new jean full seat breaches.

Blachhhh! Someone teach me how be finicky… Please? I want to whine and send things back at resteraunts. I want to pick at my meal and have people beg me to "Woulja just eat something skinny!"
Ah well back to running and pilates!

Once in a while I just want my dressage area of my brain to shut off so I can be girly for a while and simple minded for a minute.

I never hack out anymore. I never just go to ride but I DO enjoy myself a lot! But there is life in the saddle and then that other life in between that is only getting in the way of saddle time. I enjoy my family of course and love them dearly, but aside from them I get x amount of minutes for mommy self time. Its either spent on horses or horses for the most part but some days a gal just needs a break from everything EVEN SOMETHING SHE LOVES!

Happy Christmas EVERBODY!


And shut up dressage Im going to have a break!


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