Sunday, December 23, 2012

Walk your own loosa.....

Meet my newest off breed member of the fam!

Soldier boy!

He is a (drumroll please) Walkaloosa!

Half Tennessee Walker and half Appaloosa :D

I have ridden him about 5 rides and they have varied from extra interesting to cant steer to a bit of bolting away in canter since he doesnt like the left lead to surprise surprise this boyo has some moves in him!

Very green, but has been hacked around on the trails so has some miles under his belt. Just dont ask for circles or steering!
He doesnt gait and he can trot with actually nice regularity.

Quick pics for your viewing pleasure!



  1. Part Appaloosa? That's alright with me.

  2. Exactly! :)

    The walker in him gives him a great tail too! Ill post riding pics soon :) I have some done.