Sunday, January 29, 2012

Myth buster? - Or just a buster… The mighty Thoroughbred

Athletic, forward, made for endurance… They have it all in spades.

Myth: All thoroughbreds are spooky.
Fact: If you are riding a spooked thoroughbred he can run away faster than any of your other horses :D

They may not on average be an ammy riders dream come true straight off of the track, but look into the programs available and you might just find your horsey soul mate.

My advice as always is to get a good trainer to help you pick one if you decide that the speedier friend is just the right type of horse for you.

Intro: Ginger! Aka Gin, mama, and she pretty much answers any other name if you are holding a carrot. She is owned by yours truly ;)

Ginger is an unraced Thoroughbred mare, about 15.1. She seems to have speed whenever she gets her play on, but otherwise I don’t know if she ever was even tried under racing tack.

Anywho, she foaled last year and was off of riding for that year, starting back around oct-nov of 2011.

A restart from scratch! Fitness obviously is more of our focus at the moment, but we start all of ours in connection (lightly) and even though we try for a longer rein we don’t like “floating” them to the horse. Involved but not in the way if you catch my meaning…

Her current workout program is lots of little short rides… Shorter reps vs. endurance

Pictures to include three months along in training and we both are attempting to find some balance :) Hopefully I'll keep getting pics of this girl! We've snapped about 10 shots total to get these from start to finish so blurry ones included!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

To the trot-mobile Batman! An off-breed that specializes in the Ta Ta TROT!

If you were wondering just WHAT in the swamps is going on with my seat... Well I will tell ya :)

(A little backwoods Louisiana humore there ;))

Ary has a fantastic trot.... Nuff said.

This boy makes the abflexorplus look like a walk in the park... On a sunny day... With ice cream (Mmm that sounds good).

SINCE beginning my adventure with the big black steed, I've tried a myriad of things to sit, post, even sway side to side, maybe jiggle, flail, shuffle, roll, snuggle, maybe even twitch this way and that to prevent the dreaded DEFENSE posture...

No, I know what you are thinking... Does that mean she is scared? Oh well bless her heart and get her a xanex and a cocktail!

No, not a scared defensive seat, though we will get to that eventually as I plan on riding some of the more nerve racking ones for my blog... Later... Much latter (bites nails).

No my dear hearts, this is the dreaded defensive seat that goes like this... "I do not like to sit this trot, I do not feel right in this spot, I do not like to post this step, I do not like it without prep, I was not prepared for what I got, and I now my toes point out and will not stop" Or something like that. I'm simply not FIT enough for this huge motion, nor do I have the ability from memory (since I've RARELY ridden such a big moving horse) to force the issue.

Shwew, now that THAT'S out of the way... Let's move on shall we? Well you move on and I'll continue shaking my head at my pictures.

So onto our work at the ta ta trot!

With this big ole man, you'd think that one could get away with really moving your hands around, or a strong connection... WRONG! I actually have to be lighter and send light little vibes to his big boned frame... Ya know, appeal to his feminine side (grin).

I think twinkle toes, and he thinks twinkle toes.... Very sensitive creatures these beauties are.

I also have to find that "happy" place in balance before really sending him forward because he is easily undone and has to focus on his balance, and feel secure. He does not like feeling rushed anymore than I do at  Walmart when I can't decide if the Walmart brand cereal really IS the same ingredients.

This horse appreciates the softer side of riding, and happy easy work with lots of allowances... Don't they all ;) Warm up to include bend in and out at the walk on a long rein.

Pictures to include lots of funky toe angles... Still working on that !

Ary makes huge strides in canter :) (With or without me!)

Warning this post will definitely make you want to buy a big hairy black horse and prance around in your back yard... Well any yard for that matter.

Ary is NOT my horse... But the lovely guy has been letting me ride him for the last month. My trainer started him about 5 months ago back into dressage (he had some very, very small amounts of training before she worked with him) and while he has some lovely moments, he SURE can get heavy fast as he is no more interested in lifting that huge head and neck than his rider.

Behind the leg is the name of the game and around we attempt to 'pull' him into a 'frame', and will flat out REFUSE TO canter if not on the aids. To start with he was like two parts of Halloween costume with one guy in front and one in the back... How DO they pick the rear person I've always wondered?

Folks this sturdy pony will say NO THANKS by trotting your teeth out of your good forsaken skull if you do not have him on the aids... Lucky for me, I needed to work on my issue with quickness (wink wink).

So, a few weeks ago we went for BIGGER canter departure from the walk... Well bigger as in not just sitting there listening to crickets. 

Any who, it wasn’t very pretty, and I had a closed throat latch and felt like I could use a launching pad as we sprung upwards like a horse in the Lipizzaner show case.... Can you say Klassical? But we controlled the outside shoulder and VOILA, problem solved... 

BUT! Now for some finesse!

Pics to include toes out and bad posture... I'm still an Ammy even if I have blogomania :D

Introducing the victims!

Some of our victims :) Ary is a Friesian I will be riding until the end of March :)

Ginger above is my Thoroughbred :)

These are the guys for the next couple of months, and more horses to add as time allows.

Pictures of both of them will be posted as we go... Good bad and THE UGLY!

Off Breed... What's in a name :)

I am not one to fall into stereotyping... But alas the horse world is full of does and dont's, as well as tried it and wont's.

Battles begin instantly at the mention of the "off-breed". If someone even mentions the word "off-breed"draw your swords and prepare for an all nighter. Every big name on either side is brought up, and the eventers and jumpers who are still holding their own with some offbreeds at the top of the sport are touted with pride :) ...

The thorougbred is largly placed up against the sport's most successful animals the "warmblood". Now the warmblood could mean SO many things, but with the top registries being at the top of the sport it's hard to argue that the animals have made their obvious ability... Well obvious.

Dressage unfortunately takes a backseat to this pony parade... As it stands the very top of the sport is dominated (dun dun duuuuuun) by the giants of industy... Yes, you guessed it. THE WARMBLOOD!

Leave your sour grapes at the door people, I shake the hands, or hooves, of all animals and their riders able to compete and complete at such a level! (applause button)

The track record (no pun intended) is what it is! Admire the large animals, but move along folks cause you wont see them here :D This spotlight has been RESEVERED>>>>> You table is at the other.... Blog :)D

Well what will the blog be about then you ask? I thought you'd NEVER get to the point you say...

Painted ponies, pinto pretties, dishy heads and archy necks, tails that stand up, spotty dotties, drafty appys, cowy quarters, comely cobs, and race horses in a dressage saddle all take the center stage in my blog... The off breeds!

(Cue music)

They come in all shapes and sizes, from grade to papered, from your giant feathered footed ones, to your tiny prancing ponies... This blog is about the horses out there by the hundreds of thousands that do NOT fall into a warmblood registry - or were meant to be one (chuckle).

We will find victims everywhere to ride... We will search out the ones that look most interesting and give them a go!

And you will get to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned... Folks!