Sunday, August 5, 2012

Trade those ponies in for flying monkeys! Olympic fever brings out those fun riders who missed it by THIIIIIIIIIIIIIII(inpute the inches to the moon)SSS much. :D

We all know the Olympics brings out the patriot in all of use right? Right?
Well not really... There are plenty of woman who have the brain of a bathroom stall handwritten message to that (beep) Jessica. I know at times the green monster has made me think things, even say things that I am not proud of.... But you do grow out of these things (we hope), or at least we do grow out of being unable to stop continue to dig our grave after we notice everyone else in the room has stopped eating, or maybe even have lost their appetites over your tirade about how you could do it SOOO much better and just what is everyone including the judges, venue coordinater, spokes person, contenders, audience, that guy that cleans out the porta potty smoking because the sport that you once loved (50 years ago or even 5 minutes before you started your last period), is now completely abusive, impracticle (like thats ever changed) and just. plain. wrong.

My final thought of the day is to go ahead and get those flying monkeys and put THEM in fluffy's stall MKAY? Cause you've elevated to witch while the rest of us still wanna see the best go against the best and dream lollypop dreams of ever getting "there" so you can hate us too ;)

Some updated shots of my pony!

Hopefully Ill have some new horses to add to the roster... I recently got to ride some pretty awesome Connemaras and we have a Percheron coming in YAY!