Sunday, February 26, 2012

(New video, new horse!) Poco Bueno = Little Good… Yeah, I like the sound of that!

I have been trying so hard to get a nickname for this new guy… But they grow on me so it will take a few more rides I think before I can give Comanche a name like the Red Bullets J

I just keep seeing the above when I say Comanche so I am sure it will be replaced by some catchy nickname of his cuter faults haha :D

If my blog is going to have different breeds it should only be right that I start the hopping on um… Different breeds.

Enter the Quarter horse!

Weird... Not Quarter of a horse, the QUARTER HORSE! Runs a Quarter of a mile super fast,...


Now when looking at AQH’s to try for my blog experience I really wanted to stay away from the obvious crossovers. A friend of mine breeds these giant Quarter horses that have sires jumping 4ft and leading the dressage points for their breed each year… Have been inspected and registered by American Warmblood and on and on.

In reality this

Even though is by this on one side

Really is THAT from the thoroughbred side so… I mean we are dealing with already a quarter of a horse remember… How much less can we get? (bad joke on my part hardy har har)

If I went and rode one of those guys it would be a lovely example of what you can engineer in the horse world with any breed… But people like to generalize the Ranch style horses as not essentially dressage material (not going to go there because.. er they have a point). So I wanted to stick with as pure of a quarter as a quarter can be... Ugh um er...

My job is to ride, video, and represent the off breeds as best as I can… Laughing and pointing is fine by me if I cannot see it… Or hear it… Or sense it in a post… Actually just for my sensibilities, can we please refrain and only give backhanded compliments?

Like if you want to say, “That is some of the worst riding I’ve ever seen, and a trained monkey could do better.” Could you at least say it more like this, “Hi there, your riding is very different than anything I have ever seen … Have you thought about getting lessons from a trained monkey?”

Anywho, so I think of this guy when I think of my very youth with AQHA. Most of the very athletic big footed, big headed, and not always the most competitive at the newer more modern up and coming crawlers of the Western pleasure world type horses were by him.

Poco Bueno!

I rode and even started a few from this line, and I remember them being the more athletic and work minded horses of my short twenty years of saddle time. I also remember them having a stubborn streak a mile wide that was my first introduction to ask not tell ;)

Thank you, Spice! You taught me so much early on J

So when a friend of mine said I could ride her older style QH that reminded me of the athletic horses of my youth I jumped at the chance and even forgot my half chaps and breeches!

When I found out I would be hopping on to video no warm up (you know I leave those bloopers in for yur popcorn moments), and a saddle 1 ½ inch too small.. I said - ohhh could I!

This isn’t about perfection. This isn’t even about me making something out of myself. This is about me climbing aboard a horse standing still long enough just like it always has been.

Video to include middle of my ride on.. Then a rewind back to the start of the session at 9 minutes. Saddle nightmares abounding!

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