Saturday, February 18, 2012

Swamps fixin to be full! WARNING! Evil ponies, high water, and boot camp ahead! (Plus a nifty video update)

I did another bit of the ole Zumba class again and tried a lil short 30 minute deal called boot camp where they unfortunately attempt to remain as close to the real thing as the class area will allow… I was sore from the “boot camp” workout for like… Well till now a week or so later.

I am posting my new video… Old news to me since it has been rah rah raining! For like ever out here… Can’t really complain since last years drought made hay the price equivalent of an anniversary diamond…

Er well if people would stop using it as patriotic art… Feed some animals and paint on a real poster board like normal people (shakes fist without much effort cause I’m still sore).

Anywho, Ginger is really coming along, well was at least she was before the deluge. The weather has really put a damper on all of my best laid plans to be somebody in 6-12 months but we have about 2 years stationed here and I don’t have a ton of thought to show immediately so… (cue music for Jeopardy… there let that play - on loop).

The video shows the attack of the evil miniature… He is short fat and rarely moves but... – Detour here.

The Red Bullet gets thusly named by me because after we had a pig visit the farm for a while and then disappear (er they eat stuff around here at farms… sorry) Gin seems to feel like the miniature that’s enclosure shares a fence line on one side of the arena is somehow related to the pig that used to end up in her shed eating her food and basically scaring the poop out of her and her neighbor… When he (the miniature we are talking about him again as ole what's his name but he tastes delicious is in piggy heaven) dares to move around in his own pen being that he is knee level and as wide as a 4 wheeler - there must be some ulterior motive to all of that tiny mouth eating he does on the grass! When he is not in the same spot the next go around of arena rail she demands to be able to stare.. Only that seemingly adds to the nerves about said killer pony and a couple of times we have left that side of the arena race horse style… Hey, she was bred for it remember!

So we have sorted it out to a degree, but there was the rain making rides days even weeks in-between causing the pony issue to be more issue than pony lately …. Guffaw!

No biggie, I ride at the far end for now trying to just focus on our connection… Oops, can’t fool the Red bullet and that evil pony has been more alive then fat sleepy/dead lately, “Whats his deal? Why can’t he just stay in his shed?” The Red bullet snorts this at me every other ride.

I see this'

But she sees this '

 Sigh, “Look Ginger, he is a tiny menace to society. NO doubt he is planning the assignation of every quick and feisty redhead in the barn as well as something innocuous like world domination, BUT, and this is a big BUT! Ginger, are you listening? He is about the size of a golden retriever, and you have shown quite clearly I might add dear girl! That you can outrun him and with style.”

Another snort and we are in agreement moving forward, but it takes a few silent arguments of this nature to get the point made… ON both sides ;)

Now another phenomenon beside homicidal miniatures… My outward pointing toes (dun dun duuuuun Jaws music please). I am trying to remain loose in my seat but the parts that are supposed to tighten up seemingly are resistant to doing so much erm, work? And here I thought that my two Zumba classes would have put my riding level GP by now?!! Well at least PSG…. I mean I jumped around for an hour each for GOLDYLOCKSGYM sakes, and I demand results or I’m going to eat a cheeseburger right this instant! As well as last night.  

But alas, the muscles are not enough, and the loose is becoming better, hence the loose is out weighing the strength… In time, in time (sigh sigh sigh grrrrrr jump jump- bootcamp pushup pushup zumbaaaaaaaaa).

Video to include my entire blog but in 10 minutes… Yes, you could have skipped to this part instead of listening to me blather but you are either related to me or I have asked you recently to read my blog and you feel obligated in some way to actually do it.

Love you Grandma!


  1. Thanks for following my blog! Yours looks very entertaining. I'm going to enjoy reading.

  2. :) Thanks! I'll have to come read your latest stuff too :)