Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Shut up dressage!!! I just need a facial! GOOOSH!

 Oh gads today I got some photos sent to me of my riding in great gloriously rolled detail. Somebody's been eating well this holiday and her name rhymes with Mrs. Off breed.

I bake cookies like everyday right now like some kind of crazy cookie monster who doesn’t have to ever ever fit inside of her jeans again? Let alone her brand new jean full seat breaches.

Blachhhh! Someone teach me how be finicky… Please? I want to whine and send things back at resteraunts. I want to pick at my meal and have people beg me to "Woulja just eat something skinny!"
Ah well back to running and pilates!

Once in a while I just want my dressage area of my brain to shut off so I can be girly for a while and simple minded for a minute.

I never hack out anymore. I never just go to ride but I DO enjoy myself a lot! But there is life in the saddle and then that other life in between that is only getting in the way of saddle time. I enjoy my family of course and love them dearly, but aside from them I get x amount of minutes for mommy self time. Its either spent on horses or horses for the most part but some days a gal just needs a break from everything EVEN SOMETHING SHE LOVES!

Happy Christmas EVERBODY!


And shut up dressage Im going to have a break!


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Walk your own loosa.....

Meet my newest off breed member of the fam!

Soldier boy!

He is a (drumroll please) Walkaloosa!

Half Tennessee Walker and half Appaloosa :D

I have ridden him about 5 rides and they have varied from extra interesting to cant steer to a bit of bolting away in canter since he doesnt like the left lead to surprise surprise this boyo has some moves in him!

Very green, but has been hacked around on the trails so has some miles under his belt. Just dont ask for circles or steering!
He doesnt gait and he can trot with actually nice regularity.

Quick pics for your viewing pleasure!


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Can't you cant- er -er - Basics in your face!

So I totally forgot to talk about some things I have learned along the way and so instead of doing it all in one post Ill talk a bit about each gait.

I have been smurfing along and rubbing shoulders with GP riders to try and steal some of their "ways" and though it doesnt magically make me wake up a female Edward Gal (Or a male Anky??) I have learned quite a bit!

Basics basics basics.

I go read about people hob nobbing (sp?) with those who get hob nobbed on and all I see are... Good. Solid. Basics.

Lack of fear of new things and hard things but in small bites, but really, essentially, boring smoring basics perfected.

Leg yeild seems to the be the current old new and yes even at canter.

But wait! Wont their legs tangle up and everyone die? Small bits and bites my cool reading friend. Tiny ones. Personally at canter I like to do it at a walk or trot first before canter to make sure all coordination is good and they are supple enough anyway.

Then once I am cantering I like to just use it a tiny bit like if Im at the rail and could inch a bit closer to start.

Of course spiral in and out using it a bit there on a circle.

Then after they show ability with this I will at a later point do a very straight canter asking for them to move laterally yes :)

These pics dont show any lateral just canter to share but that is one tidbit at this gait that Ive learned recently to use in my tool belt. Ill try to put more each time I think about as I go!



Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pilates struggle and some pics!

Sooooooo I always have some fad diet or some new workout I’m trying, because conventional things like denying myself cookies (which I’m eating some right now) and just doing basics like walking and jumping jacks don’t seem to cut it with me.


So I tried Pilates last night. Oh, no, not just any Pilates where you lay on the floor and have to hold different painful positions that have you checking your bday date to make sure you actually are not 90 years old because you must be if the gal on the screen can keep her leg in that position…. I call this the cat cleaning itself position, anyway if the gal is holding that position and not only are you NOT able to do it you are also very much obviously doing something else entirely. You cant even fake it…. Not even close.

No. I did the resistance Pilates with the stretchy thing should come with a date on it of expiration because I swear after too many stretches it WILL break and honest to goodness its going to happen when I’m in the worst position ever, with my eye lined up directly with its trajectory.

Have I told you that I am clumsy yet? Oh, well, let me just be sure you realize just how clumsy. Ive literally stepped into not one, two , but THREE items on my floor that COULD be stepped into since having a daughter. Oh well that happens you say. Not at the same time. Foot goes into little tiny wagon, I jump hop and trip into another foot into a box, the one in the wagon leaves the sliding plastic vehicle of death and steps into the play box. Imagine the stupidest stunt on a comedy you have seen? That was me. Only I was dead serious, and probably on my iphone.

My husband tells me all of the time I’m clumsy. Like whenever I’m carrying something fragile he says, “Are you sure about that?”


Anyway I simply cant tell you how stupid it was of an idea to give a clumsy person a stretchy thing and have her pull and wrap and pull it and supposedly try to do it all with a certain amount of grace. I looked like a bear that had just left hibernation and stepped into a trap.




Ok pics!