Thursday, December 20, 2012

Can't you cant- er -er - Basics in your face!

So I totally forgot to talk about some things I have learned along the way and so instead of doing it all in one post Ill talk a bit about each gait.

I have been smurfing along and rubbing shoulders with GP riders to try and steal some of their "ways" and though it doesnt magically make me wake up a female Edward Gal (Or a male Anky??) I have learned quite a bit!

Basics basics basics.

I go read about people hob nobbing (sp?) with those who get hob nobbed on and all I see are... Good. Solid. Basics.

Lack of fear of new things and hard things but in small bites, but really, essentially, boring smoring basics perfected.

Leg yeild seems to the be the current old new and yes even at canter.

But wait! Wont their legs tangle up and everyone die? Small bits and bites my cool reading friend. Tiny ones. Personally at canter I like to do it at a walk or trot first before canter to make sure all coordination is good and they are supple enough anyway.

Then once I am cantering I like to just use it a tiny bit like if Im at the rail and could inch a bit closer to start.

Of course spiral in and out using it a bit there on a circle.

Then after they show ability with this I will at a later point do a very straight canter asking for them to move laterally yes :)

These pics dont show any lateral just canter to share but that is one tidbit at this gait that Ive learned recently to use in my tool belt. Ill try to put more each time I think about as I go!




  1. I was laughing and nodding along the whole way... great post!

  2. :) Thanks! I write so much about my diet attempts I forget I am still actually trying to learn things for actual riding! LOL :)

  3. The basics are just so important too....can never work on them too much!

  4. So true! Nothing too magical just hard work! LOL