Monday, May 6, 2013

Show time for the Frizz man! Round two :D

We were super late to the show and it was a different venue adding all up to a bit of a tense horse and me making mistakes on the two new tests that maybe just maybe I could have practiced a bit more before we went :D

TL 2 61% out of the ribbons
TL 3 62% with Sally Oconnor and 4th place :D

This field was super nice, lots of lovely rides, and I got to watch them all after rushing to run through my two tests that were super sloppy by standards, but we get to do it all again next month!

Still Frizz hasnt dropped below a 60 in any training level testings and he's now done them all :D

No jumping to 1st level like I wanted to next round, but ats okay!


  1. Thanks! Its been so fun and he is such a good sport! Lots of compliments this last show made me blush!