Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Staying motivated! Staying motiva...ZZZZzzzz Stayin-Zzzzzz

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

No pictures tonight....
Bah it’s been a long road from the show back onto motivation boulevard. I turned right then left but seemed to be taking detours, some baths, bareback riding, some small amount of tears over my horse rubbing half his tail out once the heat came and made him itchy….

Had a terrible lesson not to long after the show like I couldn’t seem to ride anymore. Like the show was TADA I’m done so now I can just trail ride or something.

Did some pony groom therapy, and then bought some more supplements to help with the itches, coat, a cough he got, then some fattening junk food cause his weight had dropped… Ugh does it ever end?


It’s like pony does this and I do that and pony does this and I do that, it’s like an oversized toddler who somehow has to learn algebra, stay clean while doing it, and look somewhat happy about it all!


So how TO stay motivated? Well I think for me its recognizing that some times I just WON’T be! I will probably want to take some breaks, with yet another greenie project, teaching the SAME thing in a different new way somehow wont always be fun, and glamorous, but I tell myself that merrygoround may only have ONE purple unicorn on it and though it leaves it comes back around…  IT DOES At some point!


So I ride, stay diligent, maybe take a short break, and then back on the horse folks! That unicorn sure makes its rounds pretty quick and YEAH when it does :D



  1. The hardest lesson I am still learning with horses is that they just don't follow our timelines or the laws of physics..

  2. This did not notify me that you posted :D SO TRUE!