Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ary makes huge strides in canter :) (With or without me!)

Warning this post will definitely make you want to buy a big hairy black horse and prance around in your back yard... Well any yard for that matter.

Ary is NOT my horse... But the lovely guy has been letting me ride him for the last month. My trainer started him about 5 months ago back into dressage (he had some very, very small amounts of training before she worked with him) and while he has some lovely moments, he SURE can get heavy fast as he is no more interested in lifting that huge head and neck than his rider.

Behind the leg is the name of the game and around we attempt to 'pull' him into a 'frame', and will flat out REFUSE TO canter if not on the aids. To start with he was like two parts of Halloween costume with one guy in front and one in the back... How DO they pick the rear person I've always wondered?

Folks this sturdy pony will say NO THANKS by trotting your teeth out of your good forsaken skull if you do not have him on the aids... Lucky for me, I needed to work on my issue with quickness (wink wink).

So, a few weeks ago we went for BIGGER canter departure from the walk... Well bigger as in not just sitting there listening to crickets. 

Any who, it wasn’t very pretty, and I had a closed throat latch and felt like I could use a launching pad as we sprung upwards like a horse in the Lipizzaner show case.... Can you say Klassical? But we controlled the outside shoulder and VOILA, problem solved... 

BUT! Now for some finesse!

Pics to include toes out and bad posture... I'm still an Ammy even if I have blogomania :D

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