Saturday, January 28, 2012

Off Breed... What's in a name :)

I am not one to fall into stereotyping... But alas the horse world is full of does and dont's, as well as tried it and wont's.

Battles begin instantly at the mention of the "off-breed". If someone even mentions the word "off-breed"draw your swords and prepare for an all nighter. Every big name on either side is brought up, and the eventers and jumpers who are still holding their own with some offbreeds at the top of the sport are touted with pride :) ...

The thorougbred is largly placed up against the sport's most successful animals the "warmblood". Now the warmblood could mean SO many things, but with the top registries being at the top of the sport it's hard to argue that the animals have made their obvious ability... Well obvious.

Dressage unfortunately takes a backseat to this pony parade... As it stands the very top of the sport is dominated (dun dun duuuuuun) by the giants of industy... Yes, you guessed it. THE WARMBLOOD!

Leave your sour grapes at the door people, I shake the hands, or hooves, of all animals and their riders able to compete and complete at such a level! (applause button)

The track record (no pun intended) is what it is! Admire the large animals, but move along folks cause you wont see them here :D This spotlight has been RESEVERED>>>>> You table is at the other.... Blog :)D

Well what will the blog be about then you ask? I thought you'd NEVER get to the point you say...

Painted ponies, pinto pretties, dishy heads and archy necks, tails that stand up, spotty dotties, drafty appys, cowy quarters, comely cobs, and race horses in a dressage saddle all take the center stage in my blog... The off breeds!

(Cue music)

They come in all shapes and sizes, from grade to papered, from your giant feathered footed ones, to your tiny prancing ponies... This blog is about the horses out there by the hundreds of thousands that do NOT fall into a warmblood registry - or were meant to be one (chuckle).

We will find victims everywhere to ride... We will search out the ones that look most interesting and give them a go!

And you will get to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned... Folks!

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