Sunday, January 29, 2012

Myth buster? - Or just a buster… The mighty Thoroughbred

Athletic, forward, made for endurance… They have it all in spades.

Myth: All thoroughbreds are spooky.
Fact: If you are riding a spooked thoroughbred he can run away faster than any of your other horses :D

They may not on average be an ammy riders dream come true straight off of the track, but look into the programs available and you might just find your horsey soul mate.

My advice as always is to get a good trainer to help you pick one if you decide that the speedier friend is just the right type of horse for you.

Intro: Ginger! Aka Gin, mama, and she pretty much answers any other name if you are holding a carrot. She is owned by yours truly ;)

Ginger is an unraced Thoroughbred mare, about 15.1. She seems to have speed whenever she gets her play on, but otherwise I don’t know if she ever was even tried under racing tack.

Anywho, she foaled last year and was off of riding for that year, starting back around oct-nov of 2011.

A restart from scratch! Fitness obviously is more of our focus at the moment, but we start all of ours in connection (lightly) and even though we try for a longer rein we don’t like “floating” them to the horse. Involved but not in the way if you catch my meaning…

Her current workout program is lots of little short rides… Shorter reps vs. endurance

Pictures to include three months along in training and we both are attempting to find some balance :) Hopefully I'll keep getting pics of this girl! We've snapped about 10 shots total to get these from start to finish so blurry ones included!

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