Saturday, January 28, 2012

To the trot-mobile Batman! An off-breed that specializes in the Ta Ta TROT!

If you were wondering just WHAT in the swamps is going on with my seat... Well I will tell ya :)

(A little backwoods Louisiana humore there ;))

Ary has a fantastic trot.... Nuff said.

This boy makes the abflexorplus look like a walk in the park... On a sunny day... With ice cream (Mmm that sounds good).

SINCE beginning my adventure with the big black steed, I've tried a myriad of things to sit, post, even sway side to side, maybe jiggle, flail, shuffle, roll, snuggle, maybe even twitch this way and that to prevent the dreaded DEFENSE posture...

No, I know what you are thinking... Does that mean she is scared? Oh well bless her heart and get her a xanex and a cocktail!

No, not a scared defensive seat, though we will get to that eventually as I plan on riding some of the more nerve racking ones for my blog... Later... Much latter (bites nails).

No my dear hearts, this is the dreaded defensive seat that goes like this... "I do not like to sit this trot, I do not feel right in this spot, I do not like to post this step, I do not like it without prep, I was not prepared for what I got, and I now my toes point out and will not stop" Or something like that. I'm simply not FIT enough for this huge motion, nor do I have the ability from memory (since I've RARELY ridden such a big moving horse) to force the issue.

Shwew, now that THAT'S out of the way... Let's move on shall we? Well you move on and I'll continue shaking my head at my pictures.

So onto our work at the ta ta trot!

With this big ole man, you'd think that one could get away with really moving your hands around, or a strong connection... WRONG! I actually have to be lighter and send light little vibes to his big boned frame... Ya know, appeal to his feminine side (grin).

I think twinkle toes, and he thinks twinkle toes.... Very sensitive creatures these beauties are.

I also have to find that "happy" place in balance before really sending him forward because he is easily undone and has to focus on his balance, and feel secure. He does not like feeling rushed anymore than I do at  Walmart when I can't decide if the Walmart brand cereal really IS the same ingredients.

This horse appreciates the softer side of riding, and happy easy work with lots of allowances... Don't they all ;) Warm up to include bend in and out at the walk on a long rein.

Pictures to include lots of funky toe angles... Still working on that !


  1. I had the same problem's when I first started riding my half Friesian. :) There's a lot of movement to get used to. But the canter (once in it) is to die for. Getting into the canter, with the hind-end intact, is a bit of a challenge though. haha

  2. Agreed :) They are lovely like a locomotion... When in motion! But you must GET them into motion and at first there was some learning involved but once I figured out what his "on the aids" felt like we search for that before every transition to make sure I don't get a stall! He is like the 80's transam... All bluster and noise, beautiful in its own way, and sometimes we don't get the rev up first try!