Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year peeps!

So here are some pictures of the Walkaloosa J He is a joy to work with most days. Has a bolting issue whenever he has to work too much but luckily for me he is none too fast and very slow legged so it’s kind of like your fat Labrador at fetch vs. a greyhound. You think it’s cute when he tries to “run” because it’s a waddle.


Trouble is as he is getting fitter he is also a bit faster at ducking around when he does get loose from me a bit.


I try not to punish forward so I get run away with… A lot!


I have found some suppling work confuses him and makes for a mess of a ride so Ive tried to use big on the rail riding really forward and with lots of flexion down and then release once he gives.

Since these pictures I’ve had one really nice roundish ride but the TROT he does when he does it vaults me out of the saddle! He has some impulsion behind naturally which is nice but Im not used to it because my horses have been flattish of late.

Lately I have learned a few things about how horses should be “athletic” in every sense. Stretching, building muscle, and endurance.



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