Saturday, January 19, 2013

Before and after/plus rant!


After one year


Before :

You can say something as simple as “I love blue breeches!”on a forum, any forum, even a forums labeled “This is the forum ONLY for people with sense and some form of accomplishment”, yes even on that forum you could post a benign little nothing quick sentence on your Iphone at the mall sipping a latte and completely happy and cheerful and someone will see the evil in it. The pure hatred you must have for every other breech? Are our breeches not good enough for you?

Are you a breech snob? I bet all of your blue breeches are expensive and dipped in gold! We like breeches that are different and unique and you must be judging our down to earth breeches. In fact I think personally that you have always been very small minded about breeches and from what I’ve read you can’t even wash them correctly…

So then you come home from your mall day to find a barrage of breech outrage and even if you try to diffuse it with, “I have cheap breeches too!” “I really have all kinds of colors.” “I actually think I clean them just fine?” but it’s too late… They have found out your nefarious hatred for heinous breeches everywhere… Sigh.

Anyway Im having some kind of nostalgia lately. Lots of reasons I won’t go into here but its making all kinds of things seem so mall in the scheme of things. For now I just want to enjoy my riding and be thankful for the different horses I get to use and work with J

So I promised to talk about some of the training Ive learned lately and one of them is a biggie to me of late. Change of figures. Do something a few times and move on. Figure 8’s? Great do a few each way. 20 meters? Get a good one and move on. Rail? Yes but come off and onto it a few times in small s’s and wide s’s and add circles sprinkled in. Change of direction often. If there is resistance longer than a few strides it’s not going to change by doing exactly the same thing for another few strides

Offering a bed before the horse is to the outside is pointless. Ask the horse onto the outside and then bend, even if it’s not perfect.

That’s all folks!

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