Friday, July 13, 2012

Making the grade! What? No papers? Gaps! No brand?

I am sooo soo soo behind this video is about 6 months ago and prob 20 pounds too sadly enough!

Since the hubby has come home we have caught up on eating in a big way !

Anyway I do believe that the picture above is NOT a rider sizing up his competition, but rather one who is trying to see where everybody is at???

I feel like dressage SHOULD be like this. See those horses to the rear? Pretend they are the 100 billion dollar FEI perfect pony owners. You can A. Focus so much on that, that you get left in the starting gate. B. Focus enough on it so that you get left behind. Or you CAN do what the great Big Red did and run your own race!

All about that these days.

I promised I would ride what could be ridden and a LOVELY addition to my blog was Bella. A mare trained by her teenage owner primarily, and mostly in western disciplines. We did a video of her first ride EVER in dressage and left in UNCUT for your enjoyment.

She is a grade mare, and 5 years old.


  1. hi from Italy, I'm a show-jumping rider.
    what a nice blog =)
    keep in touch:

  2. Thank you! Love your BLOG!!! WOW