Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just friggin fall off already!! It's a bird, it's a train, NO it's the anti-trainer!!

There is a point in dressage where no matter how well you ride, or how lovely your horse is you will wonder if you will make it through the session without hitting the dirt, and even more so THAT other point will come where you think that maybe it would be better if the broncing began, and the dirt eating commenced, at least you would have had a ride end badly because you couldn’t stay on the 8 seconds rather than everyone including your horse, the trainer, that guy cutting the grass, but even more importantly yourself realize that you had no clue what you were doing, have no clue what you are doing, and probably for a long while WON’T have a clue what you are doing and so you really ended on a “What now?” kind of note.

Later while re-riding in your dreams and grinding your teeth into your pillow you will wake up for that midnight summers eve pee to simplify it all into one very dreaded thing…  “Your seat needs lots, lots, and lots of work.”

If you have hit that point, or are at that point, or have been at that point, or even if are currently in the mad house BECAUSE of that point then we are all on the same page… And I truly believe that NOW is where dressage truly begins.

We can only hope our horse survives the journey!

My sabbatical from blogging has been because I have been on the high and low crazy train and assuming that we were just ZOOMING along with our final act before my next blog a shock and awe where I report my amazing climb to whatever it is we were climbing to… Instead it actually has been a slippery slope full of suddenly realizing I am in new territory with the horse and without a trainer. VERY quickly I resolved to figure it out… Very quickly we started doing lovely work and new stuff… BUT once it became not so new and we needed to make it consistent… ( crickets )

Can you say beginners luck rubs off really fast when you are bouncing on an animal the size of a mini-coopers back ten times real fast?

Try it.

I’ll wait.

You see doing a new movement once, twice, even a few days worth is usually okay because you put your best foot forward and the horse is usually still willing…. "Alright crazy 5.30 pm lady who is always in a hurry I'll try it .. What the hay!" BUT once they figure it is a little easier to be crooked in that there shoulder in, and a little quick and flat at that there lengthening, and maybe just maybe lots of breaking and lots and lots of ignoring half halts is the way to go because you really have no leg do you DO YOU? TA TA TADA! You now are not realizing what kind of things you are ANTI-training. Dun dun DUUUUUUUN… Phantom of the opera music because the twist on this post-apocalyptic horror show is that YOU are the ANTI-TRAINER!

I will post some of the older videos just to update, but remember this is post-anti-dressage where I taught some movements, got them pretty solid, and then proceeded undo all of the other things in the course of a week… Or two… Or three.



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