Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ain't that a kick in the head...

After a fried onion and a baked chicken I ate myself full enough to start thinking too deeply for any good to come of it.

I started to think about what it I would actually do with all of this useless knowledge about leg yields and transitions if I ever decided to give up on my riding endeavors.

At three thousand visits someone has to be reading this so I ask this of you. Imagine if I decided to give my career the attention it deserves and I climbed the ladder up to the big high rises where I picture a far more likable boss.  I’m crossing the road fully dressed the part (I picture myself very thin in this scene), and as I go to step across the lines in the roadway suddenly I see a cavetti and feel that bounce the horse gives going over those manmade hazards (albeit effective) that they are.

Would it all be worth it? Naaah.

 I imagine that there a quite a few people overseas reading these and thinking, “Oh that fattish American, how can she ride in that unfashionable riding attire and crooked helmet?”

Well the boots are on order for the second time… So there.

Now onto business. I’ve been training with a new trainer for a couple of months. She is German and like a real German from Germany unlike my half breed German self that only really means I have big bones, feet, and have a forehead that just keeps going.

My seat is getting the overhaul it needs, and we are working towards some real sitting trot this round… Instead of that bouncing awful forcing it to work sitting trot that I was doing before.


Things are looking up. Really up and I don’t have much else to say. I want to wait to do an updated vid because honestly we are in that in between stage where I hate everything I tape because I know better.



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