Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DQ moment? Yes thank you!

I totally had a DQ melt down moment recently! Gasp!

No really though, I had a like a full out, I'm quitting mid lesson break down. To be fair it was raining and windy enough to make the chicken coop sound like it was going to blow over and I just couldn't seem to get it together even though pony man was awesome.

The Dorothy in me new we were not in Kansas anymore, but THAT wasn't why I wanted to quit and quit hard. I was riding without a SINGLE ounce of ability. It was like I couldn't just do basic things, like I dunno canter. Anyway I gave up, which isn't like me, but maybe this is a good sign... Rather than blaming the horse and snatch kick snatching at the reins, I just said nevermind baby pony boy, lets go back to the barn... Pookie. Yes I AM turning into THAT rider LOL

Lucky for me NO proof of that in photos cause these are a totally different day :D

But here they are!